For one week I experienced frequent bouts of severe dizziness. I almost fell several times because everything was spinning and I lost my balance. I did not feel faint, just dizzy. One night, while sleeping, I turned from one side to the other and was awakened by the room spinning. Bending over to simply tie my shoes was not possible. After explaining my symptoms to you, I was relieved when you asked if this could be changed and the answer was “yes”.
While you worked on me, I was in a complete and total state of relaxation. Dealing with Judy’s terminal cancer diagnosis has created a great deal of constant stress and anxiety for me. For the first time since her cancer discovery in June, feeling my body and mind relax was a welcomed state of being. Like floating on a cloud, no stress or anxiety, just peace and harmony.
After the session, when I bent down to touch my toes, I was elated to have my balance restored. I remain free of feeling anxiety and stress, I am now able to handle Judy’s illness with peace and strength.
Frequent sessions will be amazing! Having my body in perfect harmony, homeostasis, is a Blessing. Namaste my dear friend, you truly fill my heart with Joy and my healing is a true testament to your gift.
Much love always!

Patricia C., Marina Del Rey, CA

How can it get any more beautiful than this???? To know you, to be around your light, to witness that light in your eyes. To hear your voice speak and your laughter echo in my ears brings smiles and happy feels to my heart. You are so beautiful Sweet Gosia. I am so glad that our paths have come together. You are an amazing being and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be in your Bars Classes and in Foundation & Level 1 classes that you have hosted. Also to have your hands on my head and your awareness & wisdom to blanket my being like a newborn baby being loved without any judgment. You are a Darling and I am so glad to know and have you in my life.

Janet Maddox, FL

Bless you for facilitating the quantum shift in me. When I came to your first class I had
been extremely ill for a year. I had not been off of the sofa for over 6 months and could barely walk or function. During the class everything within me changed. I lost 18 pounds in one day and more importantly, I became joyful.

When I took your class again, eight months later, the shift allowing me to “be” was profound. I turn 56 years young tomorrow and I finally truly know myself. It keeps getting better and better and yet I ask….”How does it get any better than this?”.

Bless you beautiful “Light” woman.


Sheila B., Tampa, FL

From the day I was born, I was lucky. I knew no limitations and didn’t listen to the words You Can’t Do That or You Can’t Have That. For me…if I wanted it, I reached for it and everything I chose to accomplished I DID!

Also, from the day I was born, I was controlled by an Mother who loved me so much, she caged and suppressed me. So I rebelled and every time she said You Can’t Do That or You Can’t Have that….I reached even harder to achieve. Even in her death, she controlled me to my core. I wanted so much to NOT be like her. To accomplish that…I had to be in Control of Myself which made me try to Control everything around me which was exactly what I didn’t want to be! The perfect song to describe how I felt when she died… Kelly Clarkson…Because Of You… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCuGqIhUaJE
She never wanted me to fail…always had to be perfect…mostly so I wouldn’t embarrass her. Until a month before she died, all I ever wanted to do was please her and to get her acknowledgment that I turned out okay and that she was proud of me. I finally got that but my Sister never did.

After she died, my Grandmother and my first Boxer (my only child) passed and my husband lost his 24 year career and a couple of years later, I was laid off. It seemed that my luck ran out. I didn’t feel that I had the luster I did in the past even though others always told me that I gave them inspiration and they could FEEL my energy. I didn’t feel my energy.

I have been working on ME for the past three years trying to move forward through different types of ENERGY work. Some things have helped, but I must say that Gosia and ACCESS have propelled me to a different level in the past couple of months. I have more successes on a daily basis and I FEEL ENERGETICALLY CONNECTED more and more on a daily basis. She has several modalities including ACCESS that she uses to work through issues with me. She makes me feel comfortable talking through things I never even knew I was truly feeling. GOSIA IS A GIFT that everyone should experience if you are ready to move forward in your life.

Thank You My Friend!

Coni Notter

Coni Notter, FL

Your light shines so much brighter, your spirit is so much purer and your energy and vibration are so much more vibrant than the most brilliant star in the sky.I can never begin to thank you enough for all you are and all you give. More love than the Universe…..

Andrea and Mel, Orlando, FL

Since I’d taken my initial Bars Certification course from one of Access Consciousness’s most well-known teachers, I didn’t feel Gosia’s class could improve upon what I’d already learned. Boy, was I wrong! Not only does Gosia hold an immensely uplifting space for all who attend, she catches every detail, teaching the fundamentals with such exuberance, each position has more depth and meaning than ever before. Whether you’re seeking a Bars class or a practitioner to help create positive change in your life, I personally recommend Gosia.

Pegi Dahl, Florida’s First Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics

I have known Gosia for years and every time she works with me, I leave a session feeling more balanced, am more aware, more clear and at peace. Gosia is a master intuitive and with great ease she removes energetic interference that may be causing physical and emotional discomfort and is limiting one’s self-expression. After each session, I experience relief from what has been troubling me. In a matter of seconds, she has helped me release limiting beliefs and points of view that no longer serve me. Working with Gosia over the phone has been quite an adventure. From a distance, she can zero in on the problem and, using her intuition and quantum healing methods, can clear it right there. I am grateful for having found such an amazing healer. Gosia is a gift to anyone who comes in contact with her. If you are fortunate to work with her, your life will change!

M. Krajewska, Santa Barbara, CA

Gosia did a wonderful job facilitating the Access Consciousness Bars training. She covered everything in great detail so we had a good understanding of how Access Consciousness Bars clearing works to delete our old programs and limiting beliefs. I loved the training, not only did I learn all about Access Consciousness, but I also received two Bars sessions and gave two Bars sessions during the training – it was an amazing day. I highly recommend you take any training Gosia offers, she does an outstanding job and you will be very happy you did.

Kathy Perry, Author, Speaker & Social Media Specialist

I had an Access Consciousness Bars session with Gosia and it was a wonderful experience. She is not only skilled in her modalities but she is also a gifted intuitive. I had an immediate shift after my session, many blocks were removed and new business opportunities began to come through to me. I was so excited about my session that I have been sharing it with all my friends since then.

Kathy Perry, Author, Speaker & Social Media Specialist

This work has already made a profound difference in my life. My approach to everything has shifted. The body is inside of me. I am an infinite being and I now remember all the wisdom I have always had. Life comes to me with Love, ease, joy, and glory! I am making a bigger difference in peoples’ lives within less time.

Birgit Zacher Hanson
Master Certified Coach

Gosia is a gifted healer and intuitive.
She has a firm grasp on Access Consciousness on all levels and is a gifted and engaging speaker and teacher. I would recommend a session with her and taking courses from her to anyone who is truly interested in deepening their awareness and spiritual journey. Her enthusiasm and zest for life is unparalleled and she is most genuine in her quest to help others.

Jimmy Mack, Clearwater, FL
Theta, Reconnective & Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner Healing Body, Mind and Spirit; Access to the premium www.SRC4YOU.com

Dear beautiful, amazing, generous, kind, smart, touching, loving, caring, lightest person I met so far in my life, Gosia!!!!
What the gift of inspiration, consciousness and awareness from Universe I have received by meeting her! Gosia is not only all of that but also such a professional facilitator, who became a life changing person for me and for all my family. I have been studying different knowledge, science, philosophies and religions and have to say that I haven’t find anybody more effective. Any classes I took through out the years weren’t even comparable to Gosia’s classes. This person will change every minute of your life and this world…
From my bottom of my heart,
With ease, joy and gratitude,

Ilona Arefyeva, Tarpon Springs, FL

Thank you for the Body Talk experience & Bars session.
After over 20 years of some form of anxiety ( mild to mid-range) that I would get from eating in restaurants with other people, always thinking about choking or getting some form of blockage in my esophagus while eating out and having to excuse myself to the bathroom to try and get the food down (sometimes successful, sometimes not). Tonight I experienced a completely confident, anxiety free meal in the company of others at a shared table, with not a problem at all, I was relaxed, comfortable & confident I had control over my situation. You have helped me transform something that comes to most as not even a second thought of sharing a meal, but to me the thought of my condition always in my mind came to the forefront and my focus instead of enjoying the meal and the company of others, I was allowing my condition to take over my mind and thoughts. I Thank you many times over for assistance with this, allowing my body to release this condition & I owe you a great amount of gratitude.
Many thanks to you Gosia! Tonight’s experience out to dinner that I enjoyed was something I have not felt or experienced in a time that I can not even remember.

R.B., Palm Harbor, FL

It has been an honor to meet Gosia and be introduced to Access Consciousness. Access Consciousness has been a wonderful tool to use that has opened so many doors for my personal growth, to raise my vibration and in turn help everyone that I come in contact with. Learning the Bars has been an incredible gift, as I am a massage therapist, there is so much value in this work. Just by asking questions “What are the possibilities?” and “How does it get any better than this?” has opened so many doors for me. I am learning not to live in absolutes, but all possibilities and the feeling is so grand, I am moved beyond words. I recommend everyone to explore all possibilities in this lifetime, open all doors and really make your life to the fullest in every moment. Your perception will change, your world will change and your vibration will change. How does it get any better than this? Life truly does bless us all with Gratitude, Ease and Joy. As a beautiful catalyst, Gosia, has entered my life and helped my soul open another beautiful door, which unlocks all possibilities! With love and gratitude, times and gazillion ~ our possibilities are endless!

Allison Hollister, Tampa, FL

“I have known Gosia for over 6 years and have traded work with her many times. The level of love, generosity and attention she brings to her work is unsurpassed in my experience. I am sure anyone who chooses to work with Gosia will be pleased and satisfied.”

Neal Mahr, Ventura, CA
Internationally known healing practitioner

Over the years my coaching sessions with Gosia continue to enrich my life times a gazillion! She patiently guides me toward elevating my level of consciousness and awareness. Her knowledge is extremely diverse and the positive energy she exudes intoxicating. Gosia is truly and enlightened woman/being who effectively imparts a plethora of spiritual wisdom and life changing tools. My blessings are Gosia’s gifts!
Pat Cimini, Los Angeles, CA

Pat Cimini, Los Angeles, CA

I recently had the opportunity to attend one of Gosia’s Monday morning meetings to learn more about the principles of Access Consciousness. I was immediately impressed with what a positive energy she has – she glows! In only one meeting with Gosia, it’s evident that she has applied the principles of what she teaches to her everyday life. Gosia’s energy is contagious and she is a pleasure to be around.

Anthony Calandro, Ph.D.
Spiritual Awakenings, LLC

I was introduced to Access Consciousness and was completely blown away with the tools that were offered. Having done a lot of spiritual work over 25 years I was so impressed with the immediate results from these simple and direct tools to clear and release limiting behaviors. Within 2 weeks I was searching the Facilitators for the Bars Class.

My first connection was with Gosia Lorenz and there was an immediate feeling of love and compassion from her. She was so welcoming. The class was great. She is funny, upbeat and very knowledgeable explaining everything for new people being introduced to the Access work.

I feel I have found a new friend. She is so supportive answering all of my questions, connecting me with other Access facilitators, freely giving of herself with a wide open heart. So genuinely willing to assist. I can’t say how grateful I am to have met Gosia and the tools from Access are changing my life and changing Humanity. From our class we have now built a little community to share with each other which has been so valuable for me.

Would you like to clear about 10,000 lifetimes? Have your bars run. You’ll be vibrating and relaxed all at the same time. Each time I have my Bars run I feel a shift and have a tremendous release. It is something I want to do every week now. How can it get even better than that? Thank you Gosia. I feel so blessed to have been Divinely guided to meet you and introduced to Access Consciousness. I truly can’t get it fast enough, that’s how excited I am. Much Love

Judy Shedden, New Port Richey, FL