Have you ever considered another possibility for you and your life? Have you secretly dreamed or fantasized about actually enjoying your life (and every minute of it)? Have you always suspected that what you’ve got is not all that is to BE? Would you like to create more joy and ease with your body, in your life and reality?
If you answered yes to any of those strange questions you might be in the right place at the right time :o)

I’ve been working with people from all over the world for many years. In the last six years I’ve gone places that I’ve never gone before and I was able to take my clients with me. There is no issue, item, problem, program, implant, matrix, limitation, pattern, thought, feeling and emotion that I am unwilling to explore and if required – clear from your Universe (unless you really, really want to keep it :o). The ride might be fast and bumpy yet it’s so worth it! Only if you choose it, only if you are ready to change and create something way more expansive and joyful for you and your life…

You can schedule a session with Gosia Lorenz for Access Consciousness Bars™, Energetic Face Lift™, Entities and Demons Clearings, Symphony of Possibilities advanced energy work, Body Talk, ThetaHealing™. The body is always asked (using bio-feedback technique) for priorities. Every session is customized and can consist of the elements of different advanced energy and body work. Gosia is highly intuitive and always asks for the biggest contribution she can be during the session.

Phone and Skype sessions are also offered where verbal and energetic clearing will take place. They can be as powerful as in person sessions.

Energetic Face Lift™ is a session on its own and can be combined with Access Bars™.  Even after one session the face is more relaxed, wrinkles diminish and judgments or points of view about aging clear. Dramatic results occur after 5-6 sessions.

In order to maximize the effectiveness and the results, coaching techniques and Access Consciousness™ tools are used in each session.

Sessions last approximately 60-90 min. Please wear comfortable clothes, made of natural fibers. The session is held on a massage table.

Sessions with Gosia are $350 paid with cash, credit card, via Venmo or Paypal


“Ok, seriously. For real, you guys. For serious, now. Gosia is one of the MOST gifted, MOST talented clearers of illusory energy I have EVER had the pleasure of working with. She is not only a pleasure and a delight to be around, but her work is FAST, DEEP, STRONG and FUN!! I left a session with her two nights ago feeling lighter than I’ve EVER felt in my LIFE. And I’ve been working and digging and studying for 30 YEARS. I know I sound like I’m falsely gushing here, but I’m TELLING you, why this woman isn’t internationally renowned for her work yet, is beyond me. I’m thrilled to encourage you to GET WITH GOSIA… TODAY, my loves. Today. (She’s so good. Did I mention that?) Love and light and ponies, Katie”
Katie R.

“I found myself in intensive care once again, on oxygen with double pneumonia that wasn’t responding to medication when Gosia, looking like the angel she is, showed up at my bedside. Her heartfelt compassion and healing hands pulled from me a deep-seated grief of which I’d not been aware. I quietly fell asleep. The next day my doctor came by to shake my hand and whisper in my ear “We thought we were loosing you…” and then exclaimed aloud “Look! All your tests are normal! It’s a miracle.”
Whether your situation is life threatening or just a matter of bliss, Gosia is an Earth-Angel you don’t want to miss.”
Pegi D., FL

“I am 86, live in Marina Del Rey, and have met with Gosia for 4 months. I have terminal lung cancer. My sessions last 1-2 hours and results are amazing. My energy level restored, skin looks younger, and I am filled with joy and peace after each session. Gosia is always on time, very compassionate and loving. I am thankful she travels quite a distance from her home for me as I do not drive. I look forward to my sessions and Gosia’s loving presence.”
Judith G., CA

“Gosia’s tenacity to get beneath the core to real you will leave you feeling richly rewarded, lighter, abundant and happy. She’s my go to for transformation. Nothing short of miraculous.”
Kevin B., CO

“Gosia is such an incredible facilitator when it comes to healing the mind, body and spirit. She is extremely knowledgeable, nurturing, and loving. She facilitates with all-knowingness, love, and joy, but no judgement. I grew in leaps and bounds after a few sessions with her. Make sure you take the opportunity to experience her loving presence and healings! You will NOT regret it!!”
Alisa J., FL

“Gosia’s one of my favorite people on the planet. She not only understands the human experience, she embraces it. She’s fun and enthusiastic and very real and easy to relate to.
Over the years I’ve encountered a lot of wonderful energy workers, and Gosia truly is one of the brightest. It’s been great working with her. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!”
Jeff P., FL

Gosia is so very talented and gifted as a healer. When you have an opportunity to work with her or have her work on you, your life will never be the same – she is amazing. I highly recommend working with Gosia!”
Kathy P., FL